Salah Younes


President’s Message

For more than two decades, I’ve been working hard with Kanzymedipharm team to reach our company’s purpose which is to make natural feeding without resorting to antibiotics or other substances that can be harmful for animals, and in result human beings. We care also about every aspect of nature whether it concerns the environment, agriculture, air, or water, we’re completely committed to improve all living beings’ health and protect the natural aspect of the environment.

Kanzymedipharm has always been a pattern when it comes to responding to its customers’ requirements, keeping them satisfied, bringing continuous innovation and renewal of products, services, and expansion of our international markets.

We encourage natural nutrition for all farms animals , in order to guarantee a better return, to reduce the mortality rate in farms and to protect their investment.

Keen on nature, committed to natural improvement.

Passionate about the animal, engaged in natural nutrition

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