Mission and vision

To support the livestock industry and help farmers face different challenges of the productivity and protection of their animals, Kanzymedipharm has developed, with the support of the University of Guelph, a range of pioneering, natural, non-GMO products.

Plant-extracts, probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins based products.

Thanks to its network of accredited business partners, Kanzymedipharm possesses a global presence. It is already represented by approximately 21 distributors in three major global regions, the Middle East, North Africa and South America.

Kanzymedipharm is supported by a scientific office in the Middle East and an international network of distributors in several continents. It also continues to receive full support from University of Montreal – Faculty of Medicine in Montreal, QC Canada and University of Guelph in Toronto, ON Canada.

Kanzymedipharm’s facilities are successfully certified (Gold category) in GMP and HACCP standards, internal standards.


Kanzymedipharm develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative feed additives from 100% natural sources for farm animals intended to human consumption. It offers the animal industry tailor-made and sustainable solutions to help the animal strengthen its immune system, improve its digestive system, and optimize its productive and reproductive system.


Kanzymedipharm continues to innovate its range of products and services to ensure its place among the largest exporters in Canada, the most professional and most committed companies in Quebec.


Respect of nature
We work in total respect of the nature of the living being.

Client partnership
We wish our clients success because we are aware that our success is based on theirs.

Every employee is important and we encourage creative problem solving by involving everyone.

Sharing knowledge
Knowledge is a power, but only when it is shared.

Innovation and continuous improvement
Are both a process, a result and a culture.

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